• We found the Bespoke Connections Investment Meeting a good targeted networking opportunity, the opening keynote was good and we had friendly assistance and discussions with the Bespoke Team. We are expecting follow ups and would recommend Bespoke Connections to our peers.
    Caisson Investment Management
  • We have used the services of Bespoke several times and were always pleased by the quality of the organisation, in all detail and the quality of people we have met. We appreciated the format: many one-to-ones with prominent and influential people. We would highly recommend Bespoke to enlarge in an efficient way anybody’s contact network.
    CEO - AIM Investment Group
  • As CEO of Mittel Management I confirm that during the last few months we have appreciated greatly the Bespoke services both in terms of professionalism and quality. Bespoke is a very good company with the ability to introduce us to some very well profiled potential investors whilst keeping high levels of confidentiality and allowing us to start business relationship with some very interesting companies and family offices. Also, in terms of cost/quality ratio, Bespoke is one of the best players compared with main European competitors.
    CEO - Mittel Management S.r.l.
  • I would like to say thank you and congratulations for a great event. As you know from our initial phone call, I had my reservations but I was very impressed with the flow of the morning and afternoon sessions. The organisation and professionalism of the whole team, from being greeted in the morning to the warm welcome in the breakfast area, and discrete check-ups throughout the day, shows the event is thought out in great detail.
    Well done to you and your whole team on creating a great company that actually delivers on its name as oppose to mass market networking. The calibre of the attendees and discussions was fantastic.
    CEO – Multi Family Office UK/EU/M.East/US (AUM $1bn +)
  • This has been the best conference organised by Bespoke Connections that I have attended – in terms of the quality of the speakers, the subjects under discussion , and the quality of the attendees – a really instructive and thought provoking event !
    Chairman, Berkeley Capital Ltd
  • I was recently asked by Bespoke Connections to speak at their Private Investment Forum on 9th Sept at The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair. Guests at this event were mostly family offices, wealth managers and high net worth individuals. My role was to speak on the challenges and tribulations of running a family office and, specifically, that of succession planning. The session was titled ‘Preserving family wealth through generations: the entrepreneurial outlook for the future’ The meeting was well-organised and with a quality gathering of similar peers from both the UK and European family office space, our session was lively, interactive and informative. I met several investors at the event and it was a great opportunity to network with peers and exchange views pertinent to our businesses. I most certainly intend to participate in future Bespoke events.
    Chairman, Goldsmith Family Office
  • A few very promising meetings, the investment day was well organised and managed. We found the investment meeting format very good, along with the quality of investors. We are expecting follow ups and would recommend to Bespoke Connections to my peers. What we enjoyed most about our experience on the day is the possibility to meet different potential clients in a short amount of time.
    Diligencia Real Estate
  • We were introduced to many investors interested in acquiring property in Germany and looking for the right assets and the right partner. I would have to hire five more staff to find all the deals to satisfy the extraordinary desire to invest in our area of expertise
    Diligencia Real Estate GmbH, Mark Zimmermann, Managing Director
  • The quality of the investor and developer network was very high. The range of topics ensured there was something for everyone. I made a couple of contacts with whom I plan to follow up with. Great event!
    Director, Amoo Venture Capital Advisory
  • Bespoke’s Private Investment Forum is different to many others where segregation between different types of service providers and users is almost the order of the day. The format of a choice of high quality presentations and discussions in a very open atmosphere, with the possibility of one-on-one meetings is what singles out these events and allows those attending to feel the day was worthwhile.
    Founder Director, Virtus Trust Group
  • Bespoke Connections offer well organised intimate events that provide great access to Family Offices and more difficult to reach audiences. The majority of the delegates are of a high quality and relevant. The event format works well with mixture of large meetings and one-to-one sessions. There are great networking opportunities over lunch and post meetings.

    We also like the private Bespoke Connections events, where the event is exclusive to one provider and for delegates who have expressed an interest in meeting them. Presenting over lunch works really well and creates a more relaxed environment. The venue sourcing is to a high standard and the networking in the run up to the lunch was also very useful for us. Again, the turnout was good with a high quality audience who were relevant.

    We will certainly consider another private briefing event to access to the delegates and keep them well informed of our products and services and how we can be of benefit to their investment strategies
    Head of ETFs Marketing EMEA - SPDR
  • Attending at two Bespoke Investment Conferences has shown us the efficiency and the profitableness of such perfectly organized summits by meeting 1st ranked investment managers and decision makers. Especially the after summit services granted by Bespoke and its high qualified team has made us happy and convinced us joining Bespoke Investment Summits also in the future.
    Head of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH
  • We had a good interactive session, the audience appeared engaged and we have had good follow ups. We found the Bespoke Connections format very good, along with the quality of meetings with our pre-matched investors
    Menlo Equities
  • We met relevant clients who were interested in the investment proposition, we found the Bespoke Connections format excellent and what we enjoyed most about the Bespoke Connections experience was the Staff
    Morteza Capital
  • Our day with Bespoke Connections was very well structured, informative and all the meetings booked were on time! we thought the Bespoke Connections format was excellent, along with the quality of the investors. We are expecting follow ups with approximately 4-6 of the people we meet with onsite. We would certainly be interested in attending future events, we found our experience friendly and relaxed but at the same time professional.
    Oairo Alliance Limited
  • Another excellent event from the Bespoke Team. The hard work the extended team puts in before the event really paid off as we only met decision-makers with very active portfolios - in comparison to other events where you are more likely to meet professional advisers or middle men. The team were also excellent on the day, coping with the snowy curve ball of the weather, re-arranging everyone's schedules so that we met with everyone. The RAC venue, strikes the right tone and provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere convivial for more serious discussions. We came away with a very full and promising future diary.
    Oairo, Keiron Allen, Founder & Managing Partner
  • The quality of the attending asset / fund managers are strategically picked and matched with the investors. Bespoke Connections works as an introduction platform and pre-screens the investor to match them with the attending sponsors. I would highly recommend Bespoke to my peers of investors. A Bespoke Connection event described in three words: Productive, interaction, focused.
    Partner, Langham Gate Investments
  • My team and I had the opportunity to speak with a number of prequalified individuals and groups from the HNWI and family office segment investor community at the Mayfair in London in early September 2016. The event was well organized. The Bespoke Connections team affirmatively, but always with grace, made sure investors and investment managers had time to speak with one another. Having attended other investor introductory gatherings before, Bespoke Connections, from our vantage, did a very good job of vetting both sides. This resulted in focused meetings, cogent exchanges and a decent follow-up yield from introductions. We will likely seek to attend another such gathering.
    President & CEO of Frontier Market General Partner, Capri Africa
  • The room was full of experienced family wealth managers who are in the business of being defensive but instead they were surprisingly open-minded and informed and open to discussion about new technology.
    Propy Inc, Mike Bishop, Vice President of Real Restate Developments
  • We were very impressed with the quality of investors in the room and their willingness to engage. The format of the day worked really well between our presentation to the group, the numerous one to one meetings you arranged for us and the networking breaks. We met some excellent contacts who we’re following up with already
    Prosperity Capital Partners , Gavin Barry, CEO
  • We were delighted with the number of family offices we were introduced to who were interested in investing with us.
    Tellon Capital LLP, James Burchell, Founder
  • We participated in our first Bespoke event earlier in the year and were very impressed with the service received. From booking and pre-event preparation, through “on the day” management to post event follow up, the Bespoke team was professional and well organised. The quality of attendees was high and feedback was excellent. We had no hesitation in booking another event straight away
    UK Distribution Director - SYZ Asset Management and Oyster Funds